Sean started East Coast EC after observing that although Brisbane was awash with sparkies, only a few of them operated according to any customer-first principles. He’d collected a growing list of anecdotes from friends and family who’d experienced sparkies who left jobs unfinished or poorly finished, who charged high fees relative to the services offered, and who generally delivered their services in a manner that didn’t really serve the consumer’s best interests.

He figured he could fill a critical gap in the market and grow a sustainable business quite quickly by focussing on serving and satisfying the most critical stakeholder: the customer. The theory, which seems to be working beyond expectation, is that business growth comes from customer satisfaction.

All of the above is to say that you should choose East Coast EC because its underlying business philosophy — to obsess over serving and satisfying the customer — means that you’ll pay a fair price for high-quality electrical services, always.

We are a Master Electricians Member

East Coast EC is a member of Master Electricians Australia, which recognises our commitment to quality, safety and best practice in the electrical contracting business.

Licences & Accreditation

As part of our commitment to building trust and transparency with the clients and customers, we keep the below list of our licences and accreditations regularly updated:

  • Electrical Work Licence – 123490
  • Electrical Contractor Licence – 85746
  • Refrigerant Handling Licence (Arctik) – L124580
  • Data Licence (ACRS) – A035400
  • ABN – 33630128068
  • CEC Design and install licence – A0359766
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