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Due to government regulations, as of 1 January 2022 it will become a legal requirement for your house to have a smoke alarm in each bedroom and in adjacent hallways.

There are certain rules as to the types of smoke alarm that can be used and the distances that they need to be from walls, etc. Owners of all properties, rental or owner-occupied, are responsible for the fitting of legal-compliant smoke alarms.

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  • What is the law for smoke alarms in Queensland?

    The current laws for smoke alarms in Queensland domestic homes are that all domestic homes must have interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms of the home, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the home and on every level of the home. For more detailed information visit the Queensland Government website link here.

  • What dates do I need to comply with the new smoke alarm legislation?

    See below for the dates in which you need to meet compliance with the new smoke alarm laws in Queensland.

    • 1st January 2017: New legislation must be met in all new dwelling and substantially renovated homes
    • 1st January 2022: New legislation must be met is all domestic dwellings leased and sold
    • 1st January 2027: New legislation must be met in all other remaining domestic dwellings
  • My smoke alarm keeps making funny beeping sounds every so often?

    Usually when a smoke alarm makes a beeping noise periodically it’s indicating that the battery in it needs replacing. If changing the battery doesn’t fix the problem, there is a fault with the smoke alarm and you need to contact your electrician to have it looked at.

  • I have a two storey house and need to upgrade my smoke alarms. How can I do this without damaging my ceilings downstairs?

    Recently, a few of the smoke alarm manufacturers have released wireless smoke alarms that have a 10-year battery in them, which comply with the new law and standards.

    These new wireless smoke alarms require one of the alarms to be hardwired to an electrical circuit, which in a two storey home, you can usually do upstairs with no damage and then this hardwired alarm uses a base that generates a WIFI signal to all the other wireless alarm located around the house. The WIFI signal creates the interconnect between all the alarms in a home.

    Please note there are only a select few wireless smoke alarms on the market that comply with the new laws, so please contact an electrician to make sure yours complies. Too many times we have had clients that bought their own thinking they complied because the box says “10 year battery.” This statement does not mean they comply.

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