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The solar industry is currently experiencing an exciting phase of growth and ECEC is equipped to assist clients who wish to convert to solar power. Our technicians are formally qualified and accredited by the Clean Energy Council, and have the experience to provide a full range of solar services. We can design, install, maintain and alter all solar systems.

We can advise on a wide variety of different options to reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bill, benefitting both residential and commercial clients. Each year the rebate benefits decrease by approximately 7%, so take advantage before the 31st December 2019 to receive maximum savings.


Let’s face it, Brisbane has no shortage of electricians. Our difference is we understand the little things that can make or break a job. As a little company, it’s the little things that give us the edge.

  • We always provide a fair quote
  • We always show up on time
  • We always deliver our work to an elite standard
  • We always leave your home clean & tidy


  • How much is solar?

    Assuming you are looking for a tier 1 panel and inverter, the approximate price guidelines in 2019 are:

    • 3KW: $3,500- $5,000
    • 5KW: $5,000- $9,000
    • 10KW: $10,000- $14,000

    Please note these prices are the price you pay after the rebate has been added to the cost of the system. The lower end are a more standard system and the upper end are a very high end system.

    These costs can increase if your home or business needs upgrades to the switchboard or other areas of the property to allow solar to be installed. If you decide to go with micro-inverters or add batteries, the cost of the system would also be higher.

    Be mindful that cheaper isn’t better with solar. If you are getting prices below this guideline, beware of the corners the installers may cut, or the low quality parts they are installing on your property.

  • Is the solar rebate ending any time soon?

    Despite some of the marketing tactics of other companies, there are no plans for the solar rebate (STCs) to end any time soon. The rebate will continue until 2030, however the rebate amount will drop on the 1st January each year by around 7%.

  • I want solar but I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore?

    Years ago we had a feed-in tariff of 50cents per KW and people who installed solar then would talk of earning money. This is no longer the case as feed-in tariffs have dropped quite a bit. But this does not mean it’s not worth going solar. You probably will not make money but by installing solar you can dramatically reduce your own electricity bills. A good installer should give you tips and tricks to maximise your own solar to get the best out of it and ultimately reducing your bill to it maximum potential.

    The bottomline is that the price of electricity is constantly going up and we cannot control these price hikes. But when you install solar, you’re generating electricity for free.

  • What is a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC)?

    STCs are government incentives to help reduce the cost of your solar installation. The value of your STC incentive depends on the size and location of the system you install. To be eligible for an STC, your solar system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer, of which East Coast EC is one.

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