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Brisbane electrical domestic services, East Coast Electrical Contractors


East Coast EC is available from Tweed Heads to Noosa for all your domestic needs. No domestic job is too big and we have consultants available 24/7 to help troubleshoot your electrical problems over the phone.


Domestic Services we provide include but are not limited to:

New Builds Renovations
Re-Wires Switchboard Upgrades
Data & Communications Lighting Installations
Fan Installations Power Points
Air Conditioning New Kitchens
Switchboard Upgrades General Repairs & Maintenance
Appliance Installations Fault Finding


Let’s face it, Brisbane has no shortage of electricians. Our difference is we understand the little things that can make or break a job. As a little company, it’s the little things that give us the edge.

  • We always provide a fair quote
  • We always show up on time
  • We always deliver our work to an elite standard
  • We always leave your home clean & tidy


  • What is a safety switch?

    A safety switch is a device that protects you or yourself and others from electric shock in your home or workplace. Safety switches monitor the current that is passing through it and when it detects a ‘leak’ it shuts itself off.

    Safety switches can often be mistaken for circuit breakers, which work in a very different way. Ultimately, safety switches are installed to potentially save a life in the event of an electrical incident. It is now law to have a safety switch installed on all circuits up to and including 32Amp circuits, so don’t be alarmed if an electrician is explaining that they need to install one.

  • Why does my safety switch keep tripping?

    There are many factors that can cause a safety switch to trip. Safety switches are designed to protect people from electricity and detects faults. If your safety switch keeps tripping then this is a tell tail sign that there is a problem somewhere and it is best to have an experienced electrical contractor to come and identify the problem.

  • What is test and tag?

    ‘Test and tag’ is a system in place for workplaces to ensure all appliances and devices that are used in the workplace are safe for use. When an electrician tests the device, they will tag it with the information of date it was tagged and the date it will need to be re-tested. Each type of workplace has a time period in which each item much be tested. Some need to be tagged every 3 months, some are as long as 12 months. Talk to your electrician to find out how long your tags should last.

  • How do I know an electrician is licensed to do the work?

    It is vital that you make sure the electrician that comes to work on you house is licensed to perform the work. Not doing this can put you at risk of electric shock, fire, or death. Check the link below to make sure your electrician is licensed. You should also do a contractor search to make sure the company your electrician is working for is licensed to undertake the work. It is law in Australia for an electrical business to have a contractors licence. These contractors go through extra training to have the skills to conduct business safely.

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