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Our dependence on the internet and connectivity means that data & communication systems in your home and office are paramount. East Coast EC can service all your telephone and internet needs. Be it for home use or a more complex system in an office or retail space, we are your best choice to keep you connected.


Phone Cabling Extra phone points for homes or businesses
Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling Hardware installations
Renovations New Installations


Let’s face it, Brisbane has no shortage of electricians. Our difference is we understand the little things that can make or break a job. As a little company, it’s the little things that give us the edge.

  • We always provide a fair quote
  • We always show up on time
  • We always deliver our work to an elite standard
  • We always leave your home clean & tidy


  • I have connected by devices via WIFI but some times it doesn’t load quick enough?

    This is a common issue larger homes and businesses have. WIFI is a great thing but there is only so far the WIFI signals can travel. WIFI also does not really like travelling through too many walls. This issue can easily be rectified. Two ways are to simply install data points at each of the devices so they are permanently connected to a network. Alternatively you can install a second modem in the premises and link it back to the main modem. This will strengthen the signal around a building.

  • Does data need to be segregated from other services?

    Data cabling needs to be segregated from electrical cabling at all times. Not just for safety but also to avoid interference. As data cabling does not use a electricity, when run too close together, EMFs that a created from electrical cables can cause interference in data cables causes issues with the signal and the output. This can be very frustrating especially in office and shop setups.

  • I have data cables but they don’t work whenever I plug them in?

    One of the most common issues we find with data cabling is that they have been installed but have never been terminated properly. Data cables use 4 separate pairs of cables which for the untrained can cause some confusion. Each pair needs to be terminated in the correct order according to the Product of RJ45 Jacks and patch panel you use. If any of the pairs are wired incorrectly, it will stop your data cable from operating properly.

  • Can I plug my phone into a standard data jack or does it need to be a phone jack?

    The answer to this is yes. Phones only require one pair for a signal and as long as your data jack is wired correctly, it will use the pair it needs to function properly. You just need to make sure you connect a patch lead between the corresponding data point in your rack and the main phone line in from your provider to extend the phone signal to that data point.

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