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Our team at East Coast EC can supply, install and service split system air conditioners. We have a great deal of experience with air conditioning and are available all year round for air conditioning services.

Our qualified technicians can give you all the information you need to select the right sized unit and the best location for each room so as to give you the best cooling and heating benefits while maximising the running efficiency of each unit.

Contact us today and we’ll visit your home, office, restaurant or retail space to measure up the space and give you a no obligation quote.


Let’s face it, Brisbane has no shortage of electricians. Our difference is we understand the little things that can make or break a job. As a little company, it’s the little things that give us the edge.

  • We always provide a fair quote
  • We always show up on time
  • We always deliver our work to an elite standard
  • We always leave your home clean & tidy


  • What size unit do I need?

    Installers have a way of calculating the best size needed for a space so it’s always best to seek tailored advice. In most circumstances, a bedroom needs a unit between 2-3kW, a living room needs a unit between 3-7kW, and larger spaces would need a unit up to 9kW.

  • What other factors will affect the cost of getting air conditioning installed?

    There are many other factors that increase the price from a standard back-to-back install. Please see the list below for some of the most common factors that cause the price to change.

    • Mounting the outdoor unit on a wall or roof
    • Locating the outdoor unit more than 3 metres from the indoor unit.
    • Having to install a new electrical circuit
    • Installing the unit on the upper level of a two storey dwelling
    • Side mounted units
    • Units that require the services to be run through a ceiling or void
    • Cutting holes for pipework to pass through through brick, block or concrete
  • What is a back-to-back installation?

    A back-toback install is an installation of a split system on a single storey property constructed of brick veneer, weatherboard or hardy plank, with a pitched roof and a ground mounted compressor, electrical connection and external isolation switch. Install costs will include up to 3 metres of refrigeration pipe and ducting and up to 15 metres of electrical cabling.

  • How much maintenance is involved in a split system air conditioner?

    Best practice is to get a service technician out to your property once a year to have your systems serviced and cleaned.

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