Founded by Sean Doohan in 2018, East Coast Electrical Contractors employs a growing team of electricians who service both the domestic and commercial sectors in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and everywhere in between.

Our team prides itself on its customer-first business philosophy that underpins the services we deliver to people and businesses in Queensland.

What all this generally looks like in the wild is:

  • We always provide transparent, competitive quotes
  • We always deliver the full service the customer paid for and expects
  • We always recommend solutions and products that benefit the customer, even if it may not be best for our bottomline
  • We always strive for customer success, which means a deliberate focus on customer happiness and satisfaction


We always ensure our quotes balance cost with quality to maintain our service integrity.


We have an obsession with quality, so you’ll never need to hire another company to fix our work.


Our business grows with happy customers and shrinks with unhappy ones, so we focus on customer success.


Our team has more than 25 years experience in the industry.

We’ve completed more than 50 domestic projects.

We’ve worked on more than 35 commercial projects.


The East Coast EC team has a customer obsession. The business itself was launched on the back of an industry observation that there were few electrical service providers in Brisbane who were truly customer-first in the way they delivered their services. So East Coast EC was born to win a strong market position in Brisbane and the surrounding regions by focussing on one key metric: customer success.

To deliver customer success, we focus on ensuring that every time we provide a service we do so in a way that guarantees our customers receive what they expect and pay for (and, preferably, exceeds those expectations). It all boils down to customer happiness and customer satisfaction. If we achieve our KPI of customer success, we fully expect East Coast EC to


  • What size aircon unit do I need?

    Installers have a way of calculating the best size needed for a space so it’s always best to seek tailored advice. In most circumstances, a bedroom needs a unit between 2-3kW, a living room needs a unit between 3-7kW, and larger spaces would need a unit up to 9kW.

  • What other factors will affect the cost of getting air conditioning installed?

    There are many other factors that increase the price from a standard back-to-back install. Please see the list below for some of the most common factors that cause the price to change.

    • Mounting the outdoor unit on a wall or roof
    • Locating the outdoor unit more than 3 metres from the indoor unit.
    • Having to install a new electrical circuit
    • Installing the unit on the upper level of a two storey dwelling
    • Side mounted units
    • Units that require the services to be run through a ceiling or void
    • Cutting holes for pipework to pass through through brick, block or concrete
  • How much is solar?

    Assuming you are looking for a tier 1 panel and inverter, the approximate price guidelines in 2019 are:

    • 3KW: $3,500- $5,000
    • 5KW: $5,000- $9,000
    • 10KW: $10,000- $14,000

    Please note these prices are the price you pay after the rebate has been added to the cost of the system. The lower end are a more standard system and the upper end are a very high end system.

    These costs can increase if your home or business needs upgrades to the switchboard or other areas of the property to allow solar to be installed. If you decide to go with micro-inverters or add batteries, the cost of the system would also be higher.

    Be mindful that cheaper isn’t better with solar. If you are getting prices below this guideline, beware of the corners the installers may cut, or the low quality parts they are installing on your property.

  • I want solar but I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore?

    Years ago we had a feed-in tariff of 50cents per KW and people who installed solar then would talk of earning money. This is no longer the case as feed-in tariffs have dropped quite a bit. But this does not mean it’s not worth going solar. You probably will not make money but by installing solar you can dramatically reduce your own electricity bills. A good installer should give you tips and tricks to maximise your own solar to get the best out of it and ultimately reducing your bill to it maximum potential.

    The bottomline is that the price of electricity is constantly going up and we cannot control these price hikes. But when you install solar, you’re generating electricity for free.

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